Stop Corona spread and

keep personal data safe

at same time. is your nickname
for contact data collection in restaurants etc.

Stop Corona spread and

keep personal data safe

at same time. is your nickname
for contact data collection in restaurants etc.

Stop Corona spread

and keep

personal data safe

at same time. is your nickname
for contact data collection in restaurants etc.

Use a or a pseudonym and protect your personal data

Would you like to give your address and phone number everywhere !?

The obligation to provide personal contact details has become part of everyday life.

In most german Bundesländern, it is no longer possible to use restaurants, bars and many other service sectors without having to provide the full address and telephone number.

However, not every guest wants to provide their complete personal data in each individual location. Current press reports on isolated misuse of the stored data reinforce the feeling of having to pay more attention to personal data protection.

A pseudonym by offers a solution!

Your personal data is stored online once and only a pseudonym and password are given on site in the restaurant.

In general, according to the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is necessary to anonymize or pseudonymize personal data.

In this context, acts as a data trustee and offers you the option of choosing a COVID pseudonym or a and storing it on site in the restaurant. in practice

You must enter full personal data.


It is currently mandatory to provide personal data. Here is a completed sample form the Berlin Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

Our plan for the future:
Just enter your pseudonym.


Enter your “ pseudonym”! e.g. Max12


If you wish, enter the “public password” or a “check-in password”.

Instructions! This is how works in detail.

1. Register

On this page you can register for free with your email address and a password of your choice.

2. Confirm Email

Please confirm your email address. Please wait approx. 1 minute until you have received the email and check your spam folder if the email does not arrive. If you have any problems, please contact our Helpdesk or send us an email to


Please enter your personal data (first name, last name, address, telephone).

4. Choose your Corona-Pseudoynm

Please enter your ‘’ now, i.e. your Corona pseudonym with which you would like to enter yourself in the contact data sheets in the future.

Examples of short, easy-to-remember pseudonyms are: Max12, hanslondon, sunshine15 etc.

Upper and lower case is not relevant. Note, however, that you only use ONE word, so no spaces and no special characters.

5. Choose a ‘Public Keyword’

The “Public Keyword” is called “public” by default, so you can rename it now (or later).

You can always use the Public Keyword if your mobile phone is not to hand or if you have no network. Click here for more information.


Press “Save” and check your data again. Finished!

Now you can use your and the general password in every restaurant etc. instead of your personal data. Please indicate the website so that it is clear that you are using a pseudonym. is accessible via the following websites:

Questions and Answers about the project

Is the system officially accepted?

The idea to pseudonymize the Corona contact data came about in August 2020. An official recognition has not yet taken place. is the first provider to have technically implemented this idea. The implementation has so far been carried out as part of a private initiative. acts as a private data trustee.

However, the company behind is currently contacting the health authorities and the data protection authorities with the aim of being recognized as a certification body.

Who is behind

The idea of ​​pseudonymizing the contact data and implementing it using this website took place in early / mid-August 2020 by 1516 Consulting GmbH.

This company is 100% owned by Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Fiegl from Cuxhaven and otherwise works in the field of economic consulting for companies as well as the creation and operation of websites. is supervised in terms of content and technology by Holger, together with a small remote team.

Cooperation with strong partners from the German economy is planned for the future.

How can I support you?

Enter your the next time you go to a restaurant, at the hairdresser’s, in a hotel, amusement park, etc.

We would be delighted if you would make our pseudonymization service known to your friends and acquaintances. Tell us about our side so that as many people as possible learn about

We are also very happy about a link from your social media or website to

If you have ideas and suggestions on how we can improve, please send an email directly to the founder Holger:

Click here you find out even more information how to support us.

Register now for free


We take various measures so that your data is safe with us. Our server location is Germany and all websites are encrypted using HTTPS / SSL.


By using My COVID .name you help to reduce the spread of the corona virus and at the same time protect your personal contact data.

Register and choose your personal COVID name. You can use this nickname and an alternating keyword in place of your full personal information in restaurants, bars, etc.

Authorized persons (e.g. restaurant owners, health authorities) can access your contact details at any time using the COVID name and the keyword on our website.


My COVID .name
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